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Rehoming /Rescue

Re-homing your Yorkie 

"No one gets a pet with the intention of abandoning it later on in life.
 But sometimes, the unthinkable happens due to a move, an illness or another unexpected issue. Regardless of the reason, re-homing a pet that you can no longer take care of 
is not to be taken lightly"


 Our Goal
Our Goal is to keep as many YORKIES as we can, out  of  shelters and in the loving arms 
of their families or someone who will love them dearly. 
If you feel you can no longer keep your pet, we can help find a responsible home.


First things First


  • Have you contacted the breeder or organization you acquired your yorkie from.    Breeders with high integrity will take back any of their past yorkies. no questions asked.   So please check with your breeder first.


  • Have you checked with your friends or family members first.   You may find the perfect home for you love one this way.  However, even though they are family and maybe a good friend, this doesn't mean this could be the best home.   Please check it out first before placing them.


  • If checking with your breeder, friend or family member and you can't find a perfect place for your love one, I am here to help.   If you live in the Northern Virginia area I can help you with finding the right place for your loved one or you can contact Save a Yorkie Rescue.   I have worked with Save a Yorkie Rescue and they are an outstanding Rescue that has a TRUE LOVE and Heart for Yorkies.   Please CLICK on the Save a Yorkie Rescue Picture below and it will take you to the site.    Always remember that we are here to help you no matter what.   I have a PASSION and LOVE for these little ones and I am here to answer any questions you may have. 










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