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A Puppy for you?


Before anything, it is essential to realize that to

adopt a Puppy/Dog it brings on RESPONSIBILITIES.


1. If you decide to adopt a dog you will have to integrate a new member into your family and into your everyday life.

2. The dog will need you for training, for feeding, for walks, for playing,etc. 

3. It takes time and the yorkie will be around during your weekends and holidays!

4. You will also have to consider their needs in terms of space and environment. 

5. What environment and lifestyle can I offer?

6. Have I enough time and energy to dedicate to a dog?

7. What do I expect from this small companion and is it the breed for me?

8. Have I the support and the agreement of the other members in my family?

9. Have I other animals in my home and will they get along?

Beware of Puppy Mills

"Please do not buy from

 Pet Stores or Back Yard breeders" 

Beware of
 'The Christmas PUPPY Special" 

Consider Adoption 

Please consider adoption before purchasing one for your family.

  There are always yorkies up for adoption through may different Yorkie rescue groups.   Give one of these little ones a forever home.     From time to time we have a rescue available.  Please check our RESCUE PAGE or visit the Rescue belows link to see what they may have available. 

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