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   Steps to owning a Chantailly Lace Yorkie


  • Step #1  View our Nursery- Check to see what is available on the NURSERY page.  If nothing is available add yourself to the                            and wait until we contact you.  If there is one available, fill out the                          and we will contact you asap.

  • Step #2  Application- If you are a serious buyer interested in applying to purchase one of our pups, please fill out our                             After receiving your application  and being approved to purchase one of our little ones, I will contact you and we can arrange a time for you to view your little one. 

  • Step #3   Visit- Visit your little one and see if the match is right for your family.   If the match is perfect you can put a deposit down of  $ 500.00, if the baby is not ready to go to their new home or pick up your little one the day of.  Please see my New Puppy Parent Information listed on the INFORMATION PAGE on how to prepare for your little ones home coming.  We do offer Shipping.   Shipping is not included in the purchase price. 

  • Step #4  Signing of Contract-  Read and Sign the Sales Contract.     Agree to Spay or Neuter your little one before the age indicated on your contract.  

  • Step #5 Payment- Payment must be paid  in full  2 weeks before puppy can leave if using a Check, Paypal or Cashier Checks.  We accept Checks or Cashiers Check for Deposits made 2 weeks prior to final purchase. We accept Direct Deposit or Cash for the remanding balance if the time is less than 2 weeks.  If using a PayPal there is a 5% charge added to purchase price.

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