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You have decided to enrich your life with a wonderful Yorkie.
I must say there is nothing to compare to living your life with one of these
Beautiful creatures God has placed here on Earth. 

First I would like you to know that here at "Chantailly Lace Yorkies" we
take it very serious to bring you the highest quality Yorkie. 

The health of our yorkies and their puppies comes first, we want our Yorkies to go to homes of the highest standards. To ensure our puppies’ safety with their new owners, we require that anyone interested in purchasing one of our dogs please fill out a  simple application form and tell us a little bit about themselves. 
If possible, please try to send along a few pictures of yourself and your family with your 
completed application…we think of our Yorkies as family, and would like to make 
sure that they are going to a great home with great people! .


From our Home to Yours

Our puppies leave our home at around 12 weeks of age,which is a perfect age. 
At this age they have had plenty of time to be trained by their mom, dad and brothers and sisters.  Learning to share is a big thing with yorkies and if they don't learn it early it  can be very hard on you and the puppy. Our puppies leave here with confidence and ready to meet their new world with you.





  • All Yorkies bred to the American Kennel Club standard ARE  7 lbs and UNDER.

  • We do not breed for the so-called Tea-cups. We breed to the American Kennel Club standard which is 7 lbs and under. 

  • Most of our puppies average around 3-5  lbs as adults. 

  • Click here for Teacup information




Male versus Female

  • When trying to decide on a new addition to your home, many people ask us about the differences between the Male and the Female Yorkie.  In our opinion there are no distinct differences that would make one a better pet over the other.


  • The Yorkie breed has such a wonderful, loving, animated, sweet personality that it's difficult to distinguish any differences based on gender alone. There are sometimes subtle differences in personality between littermates. For example: One puppy may be a bit more outgoing, more of a little clown or rascal, running full speed ahead to check out new situations, whereas another puppy may be a bit more reserved and tend to check things out more slowly, be a bit more of a "momma's baby"...when new situations are encountered. These differences are based on the individual puppy's personality rather than on gender alone.


  • The males and females are both very beautiful and elegant...Some people are afraid that a little boy shouldn't wear bows in his hair, but on the contrary...Male Yorkies can, and should wear bows, They look BEAUTIFUL wearing bows and getting all dressed up...just like the ladies. Blue, green, purple, black and red are wonderful colors for boys.


  • Neuter/Spay Surgery: It is highly recommended and ALWAYS required by responsible breeders to have your pet Yorkie spayed or neutered. This surgery is usually done at about 6 months of age in both males and females. For females, the spay surgery is a bit more extensive, considering the uterus is removed. For Males, the neuter surgery is usually considered a much easier procedure, with a very quick recovery time. When spayed, females will no longer have their heat cycles, or "period" to deal with...When neutered , the unpleasant habits that some male dogs have been given a bad reputation for are practically eliminated. Neutered Males get along well together and make great companions with other males as well as female Maltese.


  • My Personal take on the male or female.   I find the male is the same everyday, never moody unlike some of my girls who may decide she just is not as happy today as yesterday. haha.   The males seem to take to the ladies in the home and the females seem to take to the men in the home.  This is not always but in the years of having this beautiful breed this has been my take on them.




  • Shipping

    We do offer shipping in cases where you may live too far away to pick up.
    We do prefer that you pick up your little one in our home so we can meet each other, you can see the environment that your little one lives in, that you can make sure your little one is the perfect match for you.

    In cases where you may live too far away for pick up.
    We offer "Nanny Service Shipping". Nanny Service Shipping is where a caregiver will fly directly with your little one and hand deliver your little one to you at your closest airport. Your little one will fly in cabin with the caregiver and not in cargo. 
    Shipping ranges from 400- 500 depending on location.

    Shipping is NOT included in the Purchase price. 
    All Shipped Yorkies come with Crate, Blanket, Toy, Food, Water, Food and Water bowls that attach to the crate, Health Certif








Important Forms & Documents

Below you will see links to several important documents and forms that we provide to anyone
 who has or is interested in purchasing one of our Yorkie Puppies. 
Puppy Application
Sales Contract
Puppy Feeding Guide
Puppy Feeding Guide
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