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Chantel was very knowledgeable and so helpful in finding the perfect little girl for my family. Keeps in touch and is very interested in how the puppy is doing in it's new environment. Makes herself available for questions and advice if needed. Would highly recommend her for your new fur baby!!“

The Sholes



"I absolutely LOVE Chantailly Lace! I have 2 of the most beautiful Yorkies from here and suggest anyone who is considering getting a Yorkie call Chantel. She raises the sweetest, most loveable puppies. She takes such good care of them and treats each and every one of them as if she was going to keep them herself. You won't find a better breeder anywhere" 

🐶❤️ Robbie

The Niedt


"We have had Yorkshire Terriers for close to fifty years through the US and in New Zealand, where we showed Yorkies.We have owned a total of twelve over the years. Without question the three we got from ChantaillyLace are the best bred for both standard and temperament we have seen. We would not consider another Yorkshire Terrier kennel for anything"

Mike & Lee Leonard


I wanted to follow up and thank you for yesterday's big day! I want to tell you how happy you've made me and what a wonderful experience it was to adopt one of your "fur babies" (: Avalon is a joy and I can tell how much love and care you've raised her with! I will do my best to continue where you left off and give her a home filled with love, kindness, peace and prayers (: Avalon was a quiet angel all night! I had her sleep in the puppy tent you gave me because I wanted her to have a pad, food, and water available close by because my bedroom is a new place to her. When I got up in the night, I took her with me to the bathroom where I had another pad and she used it. I don't think she wanted to use a pad so close to her bed. (I put the pink bed from the crate in the tent to fit. I think as she gets to know my room and the bathroom, and I buy some steps for my bed, she will adjust perfectly. We woke up early, and I took her to the kitchen for her first breakfast. She ate all of the wet food that I mixed in, and about 1/2 of the dry. She used the puppy pads perfectly that I set in the kitchen (these were the paper ones you gave me.) I think I will be able to move the gates so she can go all around my kitchen tomorrow! She is such a smart, little lady and I feel so blessed to get a puppy already perfectly trained!! Right now, we are on my bed and I am drinking my tea while going on line and she is chilling. I have included some pictures so you can see her! Thank you again for everything,



I could never thank you enough for the opportunity to own and love one of your precious puppies. From my first email with you, I knew that I could trust you. It is really scary to shop for a puppy and especially on the Internet. You welcomed us to your home and made us feel like part of your family. I was so happy to see how much you care about the homes you place your babies in. Life has not been the same at our house and we cannot imagine life without our precious little Tinkerbell. She is beautiful and we get so many compliments on her everywhere we take her. She immediately loved our grandchildren after being loved by your sons. She never meets a stranger and has kisses for everyone. People immediately fall in love with her. She has the cutest and sweetest personality. She gets along great with every dog she has ever met and loves Molly (our Maltese). She has been an excellent little eater since the day we got her. You told me her adult weight would be around three pounds, maybe 3 1/2 fat. She is going anywhere between 3 - 3.4 so you were exactly right. She is now 3 1/2 years old and has had no health problems at all. I could not ask for anyone to be more helpful and caring than you have been. You are very special to us. Your love for Yorkies shows in Tinkerbell's temperament and socialization skills. She is the best lap dog and snuggler that we've ever owned. We will definitely buy another one from you as soon as we can. We could not have found a better breeder anywhere!!

The Timpton's


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